2012 Event Agenda



Round 1 – Morning Chair’s Opener - Practical Magic - Turning Future Insights Into Current Action

Compelling and emotive visions of emerging trends and future scenarios can leave us exhilarated and scared in equal measure. For many the question is how do we 'act on the future' and translate foresight into genuinely impactful change in our businesses? Global futurist, award winning speaker and CEO of Fast Future Research Rohit Talwar will share his latest findings on how businesses around the world are using future insights and provide a model that sets the rest of the days’ presentations in context.

Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future


Emerging Consumer Behavioural Trends - Head First Into a Profitable 2013!

Packed with countless examples of new products, services, experiences and business concepts from all around the world, Henry outlines the key consumer trends and changes in behaviour that need to be on your radar now in order to tap into profits from here, there and everywhere in 2013.

Henry Mason, Global Head of Research and Managing Partner,


‘Meaningful Economy’ – Assessing The Business Of Meaning & The Meaning Of Business

The grand old material economy is history from the late ‘90s, allegedly. And restless beings as consumers are, they are already tiring of the experience economy that replaced it. Not happy with stuff that merely works, consumers want the things we buy to mean something. Such ingratitude! What are businesses to do in this emerging ‘meaningful’ economy?

Manoj Fenelon, Director of Foresight, PepsiCo


‘Joining The Dots' – Engaging The New Shopper

eBay Advertising shares insights into a world of shopping where unprecedented access to retailing and information is giving birth to a new era of switched on consumers.   In its unique position, as a window on the world of retailing, eBay Advertising explores some of the opportunities and challenges facing brands as they seek to engage a consumer audience who is sitting very comfortably in the driving seat of today’s shopping journey.

Phuong Nguyen, Head of Advertising, eBay UK

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Happy Talk: The State Of The Nation According To Social Media

The Government’s Wellbeing Index was developed to provide an alternative perspective on how well we’re doing as a nation. But how insightful is a survey of 165,00 people? Taking a multi-dimensional approach to analysing social media conversations around the topic of the economy, Precise illustrate how social content can be used to provide an alternative perspective on the state of the national psyche and what tactics people are using to overcome the everyday challenges they face whilst highlighting the opportunities for brands to play a meaningful role in 2013 and beyond.

James Withey, Head of Brand Insight, Precise


What 153 Million Hotel Rooms Will Tell You

Aletheia Powell, Director of Trends & Insights, InterContinental Hotels Group


Why Gadgets Won't Die - How Consumers Are Driving Hardware Development Over Service Provision

True or false? "People don't want gadgets, they want services". Rumours of the gadget's demise have been exaggerated. Consumers still want pretty, shiny things, and the pull of superior specifications is now stronger than ever. Stuff magazine's Will Findlater sets out some of the new hardware trends that are going to keep hardware interesting for years to come and argues that if your technology isn't delivering, your service won’t last.

Will Findlater, Editor, Stuff


3D Printable Social Robots

Affordable 3D printers, supercomputers at the price of lunch, royalty free 3D models, free software and crowdfunding - this is the new playground for creativity where apps are not confined to mobile devices but are part physical moving objects that do cool stuff.

Limor Schweitzer, RoboSavvy


UK’s Economic Futures: The Future Is Rosy, But Not As We Know It

Forget the debt, the cuts and the Euro crisis, one million new businesses will be created in this country in the next 10 years, transforming the way we work, shop and play. Conventional economics is tired, conventional policy has largely failed, but away from the headlines business is stirring and the UK economy is actually doing much better than the City and much of the media would have us believe. Anthony Hilton, The Standard’s Financial Editor, puts forth his vision for tomorrow’s economic and political climate.

Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor, The Evening Standard

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Round 2 – Afternoon Chair’s Opener - Together As One: The Co-Commerce Revolution

A combination of Symbiotic Branding, New Emerging Affluents and Faction Marketing, the Co-Commerce Revolution is setting the agenda for consumer thinking. It is this revolution that will drive cost saving, profit making and game changing to ensure survival in 2013’s ‘brand vs. brand’.

Chris Sanderson, Co-founder & CEO, The Future Laboratory and Host of Channel 4’s ‘Home of the Future’ Show


Live & Kicking

How real-time media will continue to dominate consumer time spent with media and adopt new technologies to enrich the consumer and advertiser experience.

Simon Redican, Managing Director, Radio Advertising Bureau
Mark Barber, Planning Director , Radio Advertising Bureau


The Future Professional – What Professional Networking Can Reveal About People

Professional networking is uniquely aligned with opportunity, self-improvement and success, and shines a light on an emotional driver to reach happiness and fulfillment.  LinkedIn share insight on how the mind of the future global professional will work as only LinkedIn can.  From consumption and sharing habits, to the rate of engagement with brands, this talk will highlight key points from LinkedIn’s definitive study on the subject, and give marketers the tools needed to understand the importance of context when building long-lasting relationships.   

Christina Jenkins, Insights Lead, EMEA, LinkedIn


CSR on steroids: from sustainability challenges to innovation opportunities

Sustainability challenges are driving the evolution of a new breed of consumer. As politicians continue to twiddle their thumbs in the face of some of the most urgent environmental, social and economic challenges, consumers are beginning to look to brands for leadership and action. The case for sustainability has progressed from moral argument to commercial imperative. Those brands, agencies and practitioners that thrive in this brave new world will be the ones that embrace these trends as an innovation opportunity—an opportunity to engage consumers and generate new forms of value; to use their businesses and their skills to make the world a better place. As D&AD awards its first White Pencil, Steven Johnson outlines the core themes of this argument and the opportunities it represents to our industry.

Steven Johnson, Founder and D&AD Trustee

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Making Products Smart - Turning Physical Goods Into Digital Information Services

There’s a revolution going on in the interaction between the physical and digital worlds. Innovations in smartphones, connected chips and physical tags are creating amazing new consumer engagement possibilities. Andy will discuss how super-charging products with dynamic, socially-connected apps and content helps brands get closer to customers and turns physical products into a channel for personalised digital services, real-time communications and 1:1 relationships.

Andy Hobsbawm, Founder and CMO, EVRYTHNG


Revolutionising Commerce & Society - Introducing Privacy as a Currency (PaaC)

Everyone knows how valuable personal information can be for businesses, but what if our privacy was used as a tradable currency by the general public? Jonathan, the originator of the term PaaC, will uncover how commerce and society could be revolutionised, and what that would mean for every single one of us. 

Jonathan MacDonald, Co-Founder, this fluid world


Bringing The Web To Life - The Story Of Web Lab

Indy Saha, Director of Strategy, Google Creative Lab

Fin! When One Door Closes...


08.30 Registration

09.15 Chair's Opening Remarks: The Titanic Global Shifts That Are Changing The World, For Business & For Us As Individuals

David Smith, Chief Executive, Global Futures and Foresight 

09.35 (A) Little Respect

Why the relationship between consumers and brands is increasingly less tolerant. What brands can do to win over increasingly demanding consumers.

Bruce Daisley, Director - YouTube & Display, Google

09.55 New World Order
We are witnessing a major shift in the economic norms of the world. Leadership once wielded by the West is being usurped by Eastern markets. In the East we're seeing rising labour costs and an increasingly powerful domestic market whilst in the West we are facing uncontrollable inflation and shrinking imports. With BRIC manufacturers becoming global brands, the West will stay relevant through innovation, design, culture and other intangibles. How will this affect Western consumer attitudes? How might brands respond? Who will be tomorrow's second-class citizens and why?

Nick Morris, CEO, Canvas8

10.20 Behaviour, Big Society & Well Being – Whitehall Wakes Up To Behavioural Science

Dr David Halpern, Director, Behavioural Insights Team, Chief Strategy Adviser, Cabinet Office/No.10

10.40 Morning Break

11.10 Will Anyone Like Us?

What trends do we see? An accelerated fall in trust in advertising, undermining effectiveness, reducing consumer tolerance – this will all happen if consumers continue to feel bombarded and invaded. They sometimes say ‘no’ to certain types, or frequency, of contact – and when they say ‘no’, they mean ‘no’. Advertising can be cheaper to create, and channels cheaper to buy, but just because we can reach people doesn’t mean we always should. Acknowledge when people say ‘no’ to certain forms of contact, they mean ‘no’. Don’t fail to take head of the warning signs!

Wendy Gordon, Co-founder & Partner, Acacia Avenue
Karen Fraser, Director, Credos

11.35 Latest Insights From Neuroscience On Consumer Behaviour

The neuroscience literature on human behaviour relevant to consumerism is moving apace.  In this talk, Professor Gemma Calvert will review the latest brain imaging and psychobehavioural studies which are telling us even more about how we perceive, evaluate and make decisions about the brands and products we buy. These new insights go some way to explaining why the consumer trends we witness in the global markets are moving in the way they are.

Professor Gemma Calvert, Managing Director, Neurosense Limited

12.00 Increasing Connectivity & Democratisation In Media & Message

How this is changing the way marketers see what they do in terms of role and possibility?


Mark Lund, Managing Partner, Now

12.25 "I'll Have What She's Having"
The single most important mechanism shaping human behaviour. You need to get to grips with it pronto.

Mark Earls AKA HERDmeister, author and founder HERD Consulting

12.50 Lunch  

13.50 12 Consumer Trends That Will Kick Ass In 2012

A quick-fire look at 12 trends that should be on every business and marketing professional's radar in 2012. Covering everything from trends in emerging markets to new business concepts to changes in consumer behaviour, this session will inspire you to look eagerly to 2012!


Henry Mason, Head of Research & Analytics,

14.25 What Research Won't Tell You & What Logic Can't
David Ogilvy said of market research that, "The problem is that people don't think what they feel, they don't say what they think and they don't do what they say". Nothing will ever predict human behaviour perfectly. But Behavioural Economics and related sciences are beginning to shine a little more light into the unilluminated corners of human decision making. 

Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK

14.50 The Future Of Listening
How will we be listening to consumers in the future? How will we engage with what they are thinking and what they will be doing? Can social media tell us all we need to know? What will be the future of traditional market research? Will we be able to separate what they say and what they really think?

Paul Edwards, CEO Europe, Hall & Partners

15.10 Afternoon Break

15.40 Trends Versus Insights In The Pursuit Of Revelation

Richard Huntington, Director of Strategy, Saatchi & Saatchi

16.05 Trends In Consumer Marketing

How decision science (a combination of neuroscience, behavioural economics, cognitive and social psychology) will separate Marketing’s survivors from its dinosaurs.

Phil Barden, MD, decode marketing ltd

16.30 Status Update: The Future Of Social Networking

In 2001, internet penetration ran at 10% or less, even in advanced markets, and online social networks barely existed. Today, they are the most widely-used online services, with membership of the largest networks reaching well into the hundreds of millions. But for those who look at Facebook in the 2010s and see nothing but runaway growth, MySpace should be a reminder that present scale is no guarantee of future success. This presentation will explore the six ‘Pivot Points’ – or points of tension – that we believe will shape the future of social networks over the next decade.

Will Galgey, Global CEO, The Futures Company

16.55 What’s Going To Be The Next Big Thing? It’s Right In Front Of You…
Big brands, marketers and agencies all know mobile marketing, mobile gaming and apps are the future. These companies have the skill-sets, the marketing knowledge and the creativity to create the next big thing. New channels of distribution now mean that anyone can have a go. But, why aren't they doing it for themselves and making that investment?

mills, CHIEF WONKA™ at ustwo™

17.15 Chair’s Closing Remarks